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Sales of sanitizing products started. Food additives used as raw materials, non-alcohol type

We started sales sanitizing products. Food additives used as raw materials, non-alcohol type. The pH value is adjusted from weakly acidic to neutral using sodium hypochlorite certified as a food additive as a raw material.

This product is an undiluted 5 liter type.
10-fold dilution, equivalent to 50 liters. 500ml spray bottle, 100 bottles can be made.
It is used in various scenes such as food factories, restaurants, hotels and nursing facilities.

・Sterilization and deodorization can be performed simultaneously.
・It is manufactured using only food additives, it can be used with confidence in tableware and cooking utensils.
・Instantly disinfects and inactivates bacteria and viruses.
・Rust and corrosion resistant to metal.
・Successful stabilization of components, and sterilization power is less likely to deteriorate than conventional sterilization materials.
・The cost can be reduced because it can be used by diluting it with tap water as a super concentrated type.
・Because it is non-alcoholic, there is no danger of ignition or explosion and it is safe and secure.