Value creation and Transformation

We contribute to the improvement of new business models, business value, and the productivity of society as a whole. We develop new project management and operation with external parties and provide professional advice for the consideration and execution of new businesses as well as creation of new businesses and customer development based on the "market-in concept" that responds to market and consumer needs.

Hong Kong Market, Promotion & Consultation Service

When developing overseas markets, it is necessary to look for scaled local sales channels (retailers and restaurants) and market size for a large sales volume. The “market-in” concept focusing on what the local consumers are looking for is the key to success. Based on our fruitful experience and achievements over the years in the Hong Kong market, we are your reliable fellow to your entry into the Hong Kong, the gateway to the Chinese market.

Cross-border M&A

Our Hong Kong subsidiary works closely with M&A firms and financial institutions in Asia. We create and support M&As that meet the needs of our clients, i.e. business expansion and business succession in the Asian region.

Energy Resources

We provide a stable supply of recycled resources, such as metals and non-metals by bridging domestic and overseas networks. We play a vital role in changing unnecessary items to be necessary by responding to different standards to meet with the demand.