MANOA develops global businesses that diverse products such as food, perishables, consumer goods, raw materials, equipment, and packaging to consumers on the basis of the keyword “Food”.
In cooperation with domestic and overseas partners of agriculture, livestock industry and fisheries, we stably provide products and services that meet consumer needs and realize a diverse and high-quality lifestyle.
We strive to offer consumers safe and reliable “Food”. We aim to build a sustainable supply model by responding flexibly to changes in the economic environment and industrial structure, improving competitiveness in each stream of our business to achieve stable growth as well as creating new growth opportunities.


MANOA utilizes digital technology to optimize supply chains and promote creation of new demand so as to achieve sustainable development of society and improve convenience for our customers.
Utilizing the know-how and DX that we have accumulated in our business, we aim to cross-connect various businesses, solve problems by integrating digital and know-how in reality to realize a prosperous future society.
In addition, to cope with the tremendous change of digital environment with limited domestic IT resources, MANOA cooperates with a number of offshore development companies with highly skilled professionals in Asian countries to develop new business and propose speedy.


MANOA makes use of our strength in consumer sector that built from our business background, we actively work with businesses in other industries to create new business models and business value, and in return, contribute to the improvement of the productivity of society as a whole.
In addition, we also develop new project management and operation with external parties and provide professional advice for the consideration and execution of new businesses as well as creation of new businesses and customer development based on the "market-in concept" that responds to market and consumer needs.

Manoa kitchen

A cooking media that collects delicious recipes from professional chefs.
Easy even on busy days! Save time! We will introduce you to some home-cooked recipes at home.
We will also introduce columns related to food and lifestyle.

       Manoa Kitchen



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