Living Essential Group

We develop our business globally with "food" as a key word.Working with domestic and overseas agriculture, livestock, and fishery partners, we strive for provifing our customers a realizezaition of a diverse and high-quality living. We provide sustainable growth by responding to the needs of society through provision of safe and secure "food".

Energy · Machinery

Energy business is indispensable to daily life, such as comprehensive recycling of metals and non-metals, natural gas, petroleum products, carbon raw materials,etc.We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to all needs by connecting domestic and overseas networks with diversified products as well as realizing a stable supply of these resources.

Planning and Business development

We aim to create business synergies centered on ICT services through the fields of "food" and "energy / machinery" that we can demonstrate competitive advantage.By combining know-how obtained through business practice, we keep challenging for change and creating new values.