As the keyword with "food", we are globally developing businesses that deliver products such as foodstuffs, perishables, consumer goods, food ingredients, food production equipment, and food packaging to consumers.
In cooperation with domestic and overseas agricultural, livestock, and fisheries businesses, we stably provide products and services that meet consumer needs, and work to realize a diverse and high-quality lifestyle.
We will strive to secure safe and secure food for consumers, create new growth opportunities, respond flexibly to changes in the economic environment and industrial structure, and improve competitiveness in each business to achieve stable growth. We will also build a sustainable supply model.


While utilizing digital technology, we are optimizing supply chains and promoting the creation of new demand, working to achieve sustainable development of society and improve convenience for our customers.
Utilizing the know-how and DX functions that we have accumulated in our business, we aim to cross-connect various businesses, solve problems through the fusion of real and digital, and realize a prosperous future society.
In addition, as the digital environment changes, domestic IT resources cannot sufficiently catch up, so we support speedy planning and business development by collaborating with offshore development companies mainly in Asian countries that have a large number of highly skilled IT human resources.


While leveraging our business foundation, which has strengths in the consumer sector, we will accelerate efforts to integrate different industries, improve new business models and business value, and contribute to the productivity improvement of society as a whole.
In addition, we are responsible for project management and operation construction of alliances with external parties, consideration and execution of new businesses, and creation of new businesses and customer development based on the "market-in concept" that responds to market and consumer needs.



News Our company will be in winter recess between Dec. 29 and Jan. 4.


News Roasted seaweed, cumulative sales reached 5.0 million sheet


News Our company will be in summer break between Aug. 13th to 18th.