Roasted seaweed, cumulative sales reached 5.0 million sheet

We Manoa Co., Ltd. has sold 5.0 million sheets of our roasted seaweed “SUSHI NORI”.

The retail pack contains 50 sheets per bag, 2.8g per piece, full size 21cm x 10cm. It has a deep, dark color and a glossy finish that melts in your mouth.
Nori seaweed is highly nutritious and contains a lot of minerals, including proteins and vitamins. By all means, add seaweed to your meal and enjoy the deliciousness.
We also accept OEM orders. You can specify the number of sheets per bag and the number of grams per sheet. We also accept bulk consignment from original label or package creation to delivery.

We also handle Korean seaweed seasoned with salt and sesame oil. We offer a wide variety of types, including whole, 8-cut, 10-cut, and flakes.
Perfect for accompanying rice, snacks, and lunch boxes. Gimbap is made by adding beef, kimchi, cucumber, carrots, and radish to rice and wrapping it in Korean seaweed. You can enjoy a different taste from Japanese seaweed rolls.