Payment settlement for Wagyu by virtual currency “Bitcoin” “Ethereum”

MANOA CO.,LTD starts accepting payment settlement by virtual currency on Friday, January 5.We introduce the settlement service based on the virtual currency because of the popularity in which users are increasing rapidly not only in Japan but also around the world.
With the enforcement of the revised fund settlement law, the safety of virtual currencies has improved, and we anticipate that the popularization will spread and virtual currency will take a leading role in the future.
“In the meantime, the virtual currency available for payment service is Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
We plan to expand to other currency according to the growth of the virtual currency.”
· Starting date of the service

Payment Method
After quotation, we will ask for an official order from the customer, and please remit within the specific due date.
If remittance cannot be confirmed by the due date, we will cancel the order.
※ Beef must be slaughtered to become regular meat (edible meat from which bone or extra fat etc. has been removed).Unlike supermarkets and department stores, we do not have inventory at all times. After receiving the official order, we will arrange the schedule and respond to the customer’s order. We will deliver fresh regular meat but not frozen meat.
For further inquiries, please contact through the following e-mail address.
Subject: Settling Wagyu payment in virtual currency