Opened a store in Hong Kong’s EC shopping mall “HKTV mall”

We, Manoa Co., Ltd. has opened to Hong Kong’s major EC shopping mall HKTVmall . Shop name is Ameyoko by MANOA. We have started selling our PB product and brand chicken “Unzen Shimabara Chicken”.

Unzen Shimabara chicken is bred in the natural rich land of Mt. Unzen Fugen in Nagasaki Prefecture. By adding multiple herbs that are said to have bactericidal and immune effects, the feed is free of antibiotics and antibacterial agents. Herbs are expected not only to make livestock healthy, but also to eliminate odors and prolong the flavor and quality. It is a delicious chicken that is safe, secure and healthy.
This product comes in a retail pack, 250g per pack, and comes in 6 types: Boneless Breast, Boneless Leg, Inner Fillet, 2 Joint Wing, Drumette, and Gizzards. We have prepared a great deal such as a barbecue set.

■ Lead time is 8 hours at the shortest
If you order this product on the EC site by 9 am, it can be delivered to your private home in Hong Kong from the evening to the evening of the day. From our freezer warehouse, the goods will be delivered directly by a dedicated delivery team.
“Japanese” foods are very popular in Hong Kong, and it is easy to buy at local supermarkets, but the brand chicken “Unzen Shimabara Chicken” to be launched this time is rich in nature in Unzen Fugendake, Nagasaki Prefecture. Herbs are bred as feed in a variety of lands, and they are manufactured and sold by rapid freezing with added value that keeps them fresh.

■ Hong Kong’s popular EC site “HKTV mall”
HKTVmall is the largest online shopping mall in Hong Kong. Currently, there are about 4.38 million monthly active users. We will gradually enhance information such as recipes to suit the lifestyle of Hong Kongers.