Manoa Company Limited Privacy Policy Information

At Manoa Company Limited (MANOA), we realize that personally identifiable information, such as names and birthdates, is extremely important for the privacy of our users. MANOA will never reveal any such personal information, and no such information will be collected from you just by visiting the MANOA global website (herein our website) at . As such, while we may analyze statistical trends pertaining to our website, this analysis in no way involves any personal information. When such information is collected, we will indicate so, and the collected information will be treated in accordance with items 1 through 4 below. And while you can browse most of our website without ever providing personal information, you should understand that you might not be able to access particular services.

To provide a better service for those users that visit our website many times, we may implement the use of "cookie" technology: when a user first visits our website, an identification tag called a "cookie" is sent to the user's cookie-enabled browser. When this user returns to our website, this identification tag lets us know that this is the same user as before. As such, as long as you do not enter your personal information, we have no way of identifying you, and you remain anonymous. You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, or to reject acceptance of cookies completely.

1.In the event that we collect personal information about you, we will first notify you of the intended use, contact person, and possible third party distribution of that information, and collect such information as necessary according to the intended use.

2-1.Manoa Company treats personal information appropriately, and will not disclose such information to any third parties without your permission, except:

  • (1)If we are ordered to provide or disclose information by order of court, legal authority, or other official body.
  • (2)If our contractors need personal information to carry out the business related to our website's operation and handling inquiries we have entrusted, we will disclose such information to them to the extent necessary for the execution after entering into a confidentiality agreement with them.
  • (3)In outstanding circumstances not mentioned above.

2-2.In cases where we obtain your permission to disclose your personal information with a third party, we will implement binding contracts and other appropriate measures to prevent such parties from divulging such information.

3.Manoa Company will comply with the applicable codes and norms regarding the personal information that we keep, and continue to revise and improve our policies related to the above items.