Bactericidal deodorizer H-ion cluster sales start

Manoa Co., Ltd. has started selling “H-ion cluster”, which is an ion cluster with strong energy and can sterilize, deodorize, and remove VOCs.
The plasma discharged from this product ionizes oxygen molecules in the air. By filling the space with ion clusters, catch at the place where the virus occurred. It blocks the movement of the virus and destroys and removes proteins on the surface of the virus.
The ion duration of general home appliances disappears in about 20 seconds, but the ion duration of this product is 120 seconds, 1000 seconds in a sterile room, and 100 seconds even in a foul-smelling place. You can maintain an overwhelming duration.
As for the introduction results, PCR laboratory, hospital for hospitalized corona patients, ambulance for corona patients, locker room of J League Kyoto Purple Sanga, Antarctic ship Shirase, Tokyo Palace Hotel garbage disposal site, casino flow in Macau have a 60% share. Proud. It is used in all scenes where people gather, such as dental clinics, nursery schools, and elderly homes.