Energy & Machinery

Stable Supply of Energy Resources

Energy business is indispensable to daily life, such as comprehensive recycling of metals and non-metals, natural gas, petroleum products, carbon raw materials,etc.We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to all needs by connecting domestic and overseas networks with diversified products as well as realizing a stable supply of these resources.

Natural gas / petroleum

We are sales agent of oil, LNG, natural gas related products in Indonesia, UAE, and Thailand and promote related trade and projects. We work together with global business partners to contribute to the stable supply of energy indispensable for our daily life.


We are promoting projects and selling coal (anthracite, annual production 600,000 tons) produced from Kalimantan Island in Indonesia. Anthracite coal burns without carbon dioxide progression and soot. Because it has low volatile content, it burns with a short flame, non-cohesive and is not easy to be charred. It can keep buring in a constant temperature.

Metal / non-metal scrap

We are exporting metal and non-metal scraps to the expanding market in China · Southeast Asia. There are two types of scraps, “Factory Generated Wastes” issued from the factory and “Exhausted wastes” resulting from dismantling of buildings. There are various kind of standards and we aim at offering stable supply according to demand, and playing a part of the role of changing unnecessary materials to necessary items.