Privacy Policy

As a company handling personal information from our valuable customers, MANOA CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as “MANOA”) considers that handing them in the most appropriate way are of the utmost importance. We have an established framework for information management that we strictly apply in accord with law and guidelines as well as code of conduct.

1.Application of the information

MANOA uses personal information only to provide information for the services provided or the purpose of direct-mailing.

2.Collection of the information

MANOA collect information through direct request from customers, daily business activities and the provision of services where personal information such as name, address, telephone number, from letter, media or website. Other appropriate method includes collection from publications such as telephone directory or from business partners. MANOA uses personal information only to provide information for the services provided, notice or the purpose of direct-mailing.

3.Management of Personal Information

MANOA adopts strict control towards the access of personal information kept. Appropriate measures for personal information security management will be implemented to prevent any leakage, loss or damaged of them.

4.Provision to the third party

MANOA will not offer any personal information with a third party without first obtaining consent of the person, except in the following cases:
1.If it is based on laws or any laws or ordinances
2.If it is based on the right of MANOA or the protection of property.
3.If it is based on the protection of the public or customers.

5.Response to disclosure, revision and the termination of use of information

MANOA will respond appropriately to the management, revision and update of the information.
“Disclosure, Revision”
Personal information will only be provided after the confirmation of the identity of the customers. If information is found to be not reflecting the truth, MANOA reserves the right to request modification for the needs.
【Termination of Use】
For terminating email, mail services or phone calls for new merchandizes and services, please reflect through the enquiry form. We will terminate it immediately.

6.Enquiry for Personal Information

Contact:MANOA CO.,LTD TEL:03-4578-8838